Own risk

All tours and activities are at your own risk. Wear appropriate clothing tailored to the season, the weather conditions and the activity in which you participate. If the weather conditions suddenly change, we can adjust the program just before or during the tour. The safety of our guests, the dogs and ourselves are of course in the first place! We have helms for the smallest guests.

Self sledding?

Very often we get the question whether you can also be sled yourself. Unfortunately that is not possible for the trips at our home in Lysvik. This is because the trails or tracks on which we sled have too high a difficulty level for the inexperienced musher. The trail here and there is very steep both upwards and downwards, narrow, has many curves that are sometimes square and walk regularly along trees and or stones. The safety of our guests and our dogs is paramount and so we can only sit in the sled at our home. At the locations Digerberget and Fredros where we take care of tours, there is the possibility to sledge a bit. Here the paths are wider and less steep making it a lot safer for both guests and dogs. For sledding yourself, you must be at least 16 years old and have a good physical and mental condition. In addition to being strong and flexible, good responsiveness is essential.


All activities take place outdoors. During tours from the kennel or at the ski resort of Hovfjället, use of toilet is possible. All other locations are “in the middle of nowhere” and do not have a toilet. In Lysvik we have a teepee tent where you can sit warm by the fire but on location there is only a wood fire.


Make sure you are warmly dressed. You achieve this best by dressing yourself in layers. Warm thermo-underwear, a fleece cardigan or sweater, ski pants and a warm coat. A hat, gloves, warm socks and warm boots or shoes with thick sole complete the picture. If you follow a mushing workshop, we advise you to also bring a set of thin work gloves because you can not work with the dogs with thick ski gloves.


Cash on the spot in Swedish kroner, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

No snow guarantee

King Winter does what he wants. And that means that sometimes there is not enough snow to be able to sled. In that case, there are the following options: just come to the kennel and get to know our 27 cheerful huskies. Or we make a tough walk through the woods with the dogs, or you go along on the training cart and we make a ride through the forest. If you do not want this then everything will be canceled and you do not have to pay. If payment has already been made in advance, the amount will be refunded, minus 50 crowns administration costs.