We are Erik Smit and Linda Smit-van der Waals. Together we have two daughters Bo and Demi. Linda works as an ICU nurse and as a laboratory technician for heart function in the hospital of Torsby. Erik’s main job is to manage the household. Together we run the Kennel Mooneye Sleddogs. The Netherlands is our homeland, but our longing for more space and nature, made us decide to emigrate to Sweden.

Since 2005 we are living in Lysvik, located in Värmland. It was a bold step, changing our lives completely, but we do not regret it for one single day!

Since 1993 we owned Alaskan Malamute dogs, a big and strong polar dog. Every day we thought about going for a nice walk in the woods and they pulled us through the path with excitement each time!

In December 2006 the idea was born to do some serious work with our dogs. They love running around and are as strong as a horse, so why not have them pull a sleigh!? We thought we could organize sleigh-rides around the ski-resort of Hovfjället, near Torsby. So we decided to set up a team, however in the end we decided to train with Siberian husky’s instead of Malamute’s. They are more of a social race, lighter and slimmer, but above all, easier to manage.

We would love for you to come for a sledge tour or a walk with our happy huskies!

Our story…

There was once a man, woman, two children, two Alaskan malamute and 5 cats. They lived in a small village near the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands. This man was Erik and the woman Linda. Together they had 2 daughters Bo (1997) and Demi (2000). The husband and wife had a dream …… to emigrate to a country where it was not as crowded and busy as in the Netherlands.

The dream …

And then the dream came true in 2005 because this family moved with all their animals to Lysvik, Sweden. Lysvik is a cute village at the Frykensjön in the province of Värmland.
Linda got work as an IC nurse in the hospital in Torsby and Erik maintaining the household, while working part time as a carpenter. It was here in Lysvik that the dream was had finally became a reality! In 2006 they started a kennel with Siberian huskies which they called Mooneye Sleddogs …..

Linda and Erik say: “Our first polar dog came into our lives in 1993. A large dog that was a cross between a Siberian husky and an Alaskan Malamute, called Poika. After six months Katuy joined, who happened to be the exact same breed. We had a lot of fun with these strong and passionate dogs. We went cycling, running, swimming and skating with them!
When we emigrated to Sweden in 2005, only Katuy went along. Poika died of a weak heart a few years earlier. Unfortunately, Katuy never experienced the Swedish winter, she already died after 3 months. She left a great loss, a life without a dog was unthinkable for us.

The Alaskan Malamutes

That’s why we decided to buy a new puppy and his name was Buck. He was a very tough Alaskan malamute! Buck did not like to be alone and so half a year later Wolfie came along. Together we made long trips through the forests of Värmland. But the bigger the dogs became, the stronger. Within no time we were the ones that were elated instead of the other way around … Our first real dog sled experience was in 2006 when our friend’s eight enthusiastic Siberian Huskies pulled us along. Our desire for dog sledding was born!

We instantly bought new dogs and starting with their training. Our main focus was getting them to being nice to each other, as we noticed this was a major conflict between all of them. This was not very successful. The Alaskan malamutes often fought with one another and refused to cooperate. After many fights, we cut the knot and decided to find new owners for our Alaskan malamutes.

The Siberian Huskies

Instead of Alaskan malamutes, we bought Siberian Huskies. A decision that we will never regret, because these dogs are much more pleasant to each other than the Alaskan malamutes.

Then the serious work started! The owners and dogs were extremely dedicated and worked very hard till the final moment: January 2007. We successfully completed our first sled ride tours at the ski resort Hovfjället. Since then, we have continued to grow and the work has only become more extensive. Now you can come to us for tours with distances from 3 to 10 km at Lysvik or Digerberget!
A new dream became reality, but Linda and Erik are far from being dreamed out ….

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