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Welcome at Mooneye Sleddogs


Worlds greatest athletes!

On this website you can find information about our Siberian Husky kennel, our dogs and about us. Our kennel lies in the forest around Lysvik, in the municipality Sunne of the provence Värmland in Sweden.

We organize summer- and winteractivities in which our Siberian Huskies play a major part. In winter we have sled tours, from 1 km. till 30 kilometers, but also a 'mushing' course is possible.

In summer you can visit our kennel and make short or longer hikes with some of our dogs. We mainly organize our sled tours at home, around our kennel in Lysvik. Longer and more challenging tours take place in Digerberget and in Fredros.


About us, a true story


Linda en Erik Smit

Once upon a time … there were a man and a wife, two kids, an Alaskan malamute and 5 cats. They all lived together in a small village near the Wadden Sea in the Netherlands. The man’s name was Erik and the woman was Linda. They had two daughters, one being Bo (1997) and the other one called Demi (2000). They had a mutual dream...... to emigrate to a land not so crowded and demanding as Holland. And that dream came true, because in 2005 this family moved with their Alaskan malamute and their cats to Lysvik in Sweden.

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