The Siberian Husky is a medium size working dog, who moves about in a supple and elegant way. The typical temperament of the Siberian Husky is friendly and soft, but also lively and alert.

He is not rated to be a good watch dog because he is not distrustful towards strangers. As full-grown dog they show dignity and are sometimes a little reserved.
A Husky is intelligent and willing and easy to handle, making him an excellent companion and willing worker!
He is tough and winter hard and is best matched with an owner who likes being in the open air.

Despite his friendly attitude is the Siberian Husky not a common companion at all. He still relates very closely to his wild origin, meaning that he likes to chase. Most other animals he considers to be nice prey and whatever he chases, he will also kill most of the time. For this reason a Siberian Husky should rather not go free.

A Siberian Husky is a typical country dog, unaffected by low temperatures and able to live outside the whole year around.

A Husky feels himself a total part of the pack, loving to live together with as many dogs as possible. He must  be able to move about, run, dig and play, and he is definitely unsuitable for life in some kind of an apartment.

The usual greeting ritual is similar to the one of the wolf i.e. a vigorous lick over the snout.
The cheerful temperament of the Husky is contagious; they carry light and delight around with them.
They are lovely dogs with a special character of their own and, moreover, are also very beautiful to look at.

Partly from the standard for Siberian Husky (FCI & AKC)