Our kennel

The name MOONEYE was derived from the word MUNAY. Munay means in Quetchua “unconditional love”. Quetchua is an old language which is still spoken by the Qéros Indians in Peru. The Qéros Indians are direct descendents of the old Inca’s and their lost civilization. And since Linda is has followed a training based on the Inca shamanism, we decided to use this name.

If you would like to know a little bit more about western shamanism, click here.

In Sweden you must have a government permit, if you have more than 10 dogs. We received that permission in august 2008. Our kennel fully meets the requirements of the animal welfare department of our municipality. The spacious kennels are situated in front of our house and can be watched adequately from our living room. We really try to give our dogs a true “dog-friendly” live, for as far as that is possible. Because we love them!

Therefore is the most important thing for us that the dogs are being well attended to and well trained, physically, mentally and socially. With this the joy of working together in a team comes first!

We offer each of our dogs:

  • Spacious kennels.
  • Protection against sun and rain.
  • A wooden plank-bridge in the kennel to keep their feet dry, but also a stretch of soil where they can dig and mess about to their hearts content.
  • An insulated night-kennel with fresh hay in it to keep them dry and warm during sleeping.
  • A large playground of approx. 500 m2 all fenced off.
  • Twice a day an hour to play on the playground for some nice fooling around and running.
  • Good food and fresh meat every day for a sound body. And regularly a chewing bone to maintain a healthy and strong set of teeth.
  • In springtime and autumn training with the dog-car.
  • Clear directions from us.
  • Much and intensive contact with us, our children and other people.
  • Occasionally a few hours in our house to extra strengthen the close relationship.