Where would we be without our dear voluntary assistants or so-called handlers? NOWHERE!
Therefore a separate page for all of our wonderful volunteers! They can be found shivering in the cold, but talking to our lovely guests, all because they are passionate for dogs! These people pull up their sleeves, just for fun! We have also been working with workawayers for about a year now. These are motivated people who volunteer for room and board. We have already been able to host people from the Netherlands, France, Germany, Czech Republic, New Caledonia and Canada. This way young people can see something of the world and get to know other cultures, without having to pay that much money. A win-win situation. Take a look at the site www.workaway.info

In addition, our two friends come regularly to give a helping hand. Below you can read their personal stories:


Hey … I’m Walter. Since 2009 I have lived with my family in Gräsmark, a village that lies between Lysvik and Fredros. We know Linda and Erik because our children played together at school for sports day. My first acquaintance with the dogs was when we had booked a trip with family. What an experience, if you have a bad mood, then it will disappear in five minutes. The dogs exude an enthusiasm. After this first experience Erik and Linda asked if I wanted to help ……… but of course! So … I’m hooked.
Erik and Linda have even taught me how to mush! It is such an experience and a new learning moment every time. My favorite (if you can talk about it because all dogs are sweet and have their own character) was Mufasa, Moef de Boef or Piglet. Such great friends! Such a shame he is no longer here … all of us miss him very much! Hopefully we will get a long winter with a lot of snow because I am ready to help!