Kennel visit and husky hike long

After we have visited the kennel, we drink coffee, tea or lemonade with something tasty by the fire. We inform you about siberian husky breed and sleddogsport. You will then get a special walking belt that sits around your stomach to ensure a comfortable walk. Once fitted, we will attach one of our excited huskies and set off for a beautiful walk through the woods. The hike is about 8 km long. Small children will receive a special walking line that is attached to an adult. This way everyone can experience handling the strong huskies! Wear clothes that may become dirty and hairy and shoes that you can walk on. A wonderful morning or afternoon with our happy hairy huskies.

  • Price: 900 SEK per family (2 adults + 2 children)
  • Additional Adult: 150 SEK p.p. Child: 100 SEK p.p.
  • Minimum price: 900 SEK per visit
  • Duration of the arrangement: approx. 3-4 hoursĀ 
  • When: Appointment required start at 10.00 AM or 13.30 PM