Kennel visit plus husky hike

After the kennel visit, there we talk a lot about rhe husky in general and abot the dogsledding, we enjoy coffee, tea or lemonade with a nice treat around the fire. You will then get a special walking belt that sits around your stomach to ensure a comfortable walk. Once fitted, we will attach one of our excited huskies and set off for a beautiful walk through the woods. Small children will receive a special walking line that is attached to an adult. This way everyone can experience handling the strong huskies! The walk is approx. 3-4 km and suitable for children 5 years and up. Please wear clothes  that may become dirty and hairy and shoes that you can walk on. A wonderful morning and afternoon with our happy hairy huskies 🙂

  • Price: 750 SEK per family (2 adults + 2 children) or per visit
  • Additional Adult: 150 SEK p.p. child 100 kr p.p.
  • Minimum price: 750 SEK per visit
  • Duration of the package: approx. 2-2,5 hours
  • When: start att 10.00. AM or 13.30 PM