Our winteractivities

We would like to introduce you to our wonderful and enthusiastic dogs. All our huskies are super friendly and love to be stroked and cuddled. You are greeted as if you are an old acquaintance and will be welcomed accordingly …… How …? You’ll notice that of course 🙂 Ok, to be honest, we also have some shy, waiting dogs who prefer to be photographed rather than cuddled. And that’s good too. Difference may be there!

After an introduction to our dogs, a visit to our kennel, a sleigh ride through the snow, a walk or a training tour on the quad, the positive energy that our dogs radiate naturally will spill over you: your day can not go wrong. Even children who were afraid of dogs first, go home with a big smile. Without having to fear dog for longer.

Linda has been out of action since last winter, she can’t do sledding anymore because she suffered serious back injuries. This means that Erik does all the tours by himself . A sled can fit an adult who is not too heavy together with a less heavy adult or child. Or 1 adult and two children. Since the sled is not very wide (48 cm), you can unfortunately not go in the sled if you are very heavy.

We always try to find a helper who can sled our guests together with Erik, but if that doesn’t work, it means waiting for each other until it’s your turn. Usually that’s not a bad thing at all, because there are always furry friends left behind who would really be happy when you cuddle and pet them and make selfies. For the same reason, we only offer the short package in high season. In the low season it is possible to book a medium or longer package.

Sled rides in Lysvik or Digerberget

We have various activities that you can choose from. The sleigh rides take mostly place in Digerberget or if there is enough snow then even in lysvik. During the sleigh ride you sit comfortably on a thick cushion with a reindeer skin. All activities must be paid cash in Swedish kroner unless otherwise agreed.

Sometimes it is possible that the Lysvik home tours have to be moved to Digerberget. King Winter determines. In that case there are two possibilities. 1. You come to Digerberget.  2. You cancel the booking. 

There are also other possibilities due to lack of snow. For example, a nice walk with a husky that you pull on, or on the back of the quad with 8 dogs in front of it. Even though it is not always snow sure, you can be sure of one thing: the dogs are not less enthusiastic, because they always have fun when they receive attention, are allowed to walk or work!

Lysvik coffee tour – SHORT

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Lysvik coffee package – MEDIUM

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Digerberget coffee package

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Digerberget coffee package – LONG

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Hidden within the scenic and natural woods of Sweden is our beautiful campsite. We will sledge on the frozen marsh ...