Hello and welcome to our website 🙂

Here you will hopefully find all the information you need if you are looking for a fun, exciting and adventurous day outside with our Siberian huskies! You can read, among other things, who we are, why we moved to Sweden almost 19 years ago, who our dogs are and what activities you can do with us! Our kennel is located in the woods east of Lake Fryken, near the village of Lysvik, in the province of Värmland in Sweden. You can contact us all year round

  • In winter for a wonderful husky experience morning or afternoon with a sleigh ride, a kennel visit or a walk through the forest.
  • In the summer for a kennel visit and a walk with a husky in front of you
  • In the autumn you can join one of our quad training tours

In short, plenty to see, do and experience. We mainly take our sledding tours in the middle of nowhere near the hamlet of Digerberget. And if there is enough snow at our place at home in Lysvik.

If you want to see and read more about our kennel, please check our Instagram account mooneye_sleddogs

Unfortunately our page at facebook has been hacked, there you only can find “older” news!