• Welkom bij Mooneye Sleddogs

    Welkom bij Mooneye Sleddogs

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Worlds greatest athletes

Here you will find all the information if you are looking for a nice, exciting and adventurous day out with our Siberian huskies! You can, among other things, read who we are, why we moved to Sweden almost 13 years ago, who our dogs are and what you can do with us!
Our kennel is located in the woods east of Lake Fryken, near the village of Lysvik, in the province of Värmland in Sweden. You can contact us throughout the year. In the winter for a wonderful husky sledge ride. A must do in a lifetime! We sledge our sleigh rides at home, in the woods around our kennel in Lysvik, but also at various other locations, namely in Digerberget and in Fredros.

In the summer you can go for an extensive kennel visit and a walk with a husky for you. In the fall you can go with one of our training trips that we do per quad. In short, plenty to see and do.

Our huskies


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Currently there are 28 friendly dog snouts to admire in our kennels and in the summer of 2018 there are also a few puppies expected. During a kennel visit or one of our sled packages in Lysvik, Fredros or Digerberget you can meet these hard workers but also very cuddly quadrupeds.

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